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"…Lisa has facilitated the last two M&E coordinator workshops. She quickly gained a good understanding of the issues and communicates well with and is appreciated by the group. Lisa has a dynamic facilitation style and uses a wide range of very effective techniques. She takes the pressure off me allowing me to focus on the content. I highly recommended Lisa as a facilitator."…

Hugo Toro

(Australian Government M&E, NRM Joint Team)

"The one day workshop on how to negotiate was helpful as it created a good atmosphere within the group and assisted us to get to know each other before we had to start the actual project"

What we do

In a nutshell, we help policy makers and decision takers (often government departments or agencies but also private sector organisations) to engage and dialogue with their key stakeholders about impending decisions and policy directions in a way that seeks the voluntary agreement of all parties.

We are able to manage and facilitate single meetings/conferences/events as well as plan and chair ongoing or longer term reference groups and projects.

For example:

A state water authority wishes to review its long-standing approach to the treatment and use of grey water. To obtain support, the authority recognises the importance of engaging with and where possible gaining agreement amongst a wide and often diverging group of stakeholders such as land owners, industry, local government authorities, representatives from environment groups etc.

Our team assists the client by designing approaches that bring these stakeholders together, then manage the process including the facilitation of dialogue and discussions for the client.

Another example:

The leadership team of an IT company wishes to collaboratively engage its staff in the development of its next growth plan. With our background in strategy, Possibilities Pty Ltd works with the leadership team to develop and implement a strategy development approach that best fits their needs. This can involve focus groups, retreats, appreciative inquiry and other methodologies.

See our purpose and working approach for more information about why you would want to call us first, or contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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When we might be helpful

Our approach is not limited to particular industries and is best applied when the issues are complex and the stakeholders many and varied. Here are a number of reasons to get us involved.

Reason 1: You need an independent neutral person to get the parties together and talking.

There are many occasions where, to encourage participation and support from funding bodies and stakeholders, it is desirable to have a recognised independent ‘neutral’ to organise and manage proceedings. We can help you.

Reason 2. The parties want to work together but are having trouble doing so effectively

Sometimes, the barriers to effective collaborative negotiations are difficult for parties to overcome on their own – even when they are motivated to work together. The parties may have little experience working with each other or trust may be low. Or perhaps the personalities, history and complexity of the relationship and issues impede productive discussions. Our facilitation approach can assist.

Reason 3. The pattern of conflict / disagreement has been reoccurring over time

When there are repeated patterns of conflict involving the parties, it may be useful to consider the development of a ‘dispute system’ that seeks to promote productive conflict minimisation and resolution. Such a system involves the creation of approaches and agreements that all parties can agree to work with in the case of future conflicts.

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Key services

Our services are organised into five main categories:

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