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"Lisa always had a game plan for each meeting but was flexible enough to abandon this game plan on occasions if the group felt strongly it wanted to go in a different direction."

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Environment Review Committee
Holcim Quarry - Pakenham Victoria

As part of the permit requirements set down for the extension to the Pakenham quarry, an Environment Review Committee (ERC) was formed in December 2007. The ERC comprises members of all the relevant authorities along with representatives from community and indigenous groups. Lisa Barrand, Director of Possibilities Pty Ltd has been appointed as the independent Chairperson for the ERC. This website has been set up as an interim source of information about the ERC.

The role of the ERC is to:

  • Review the environmental performance of the operator of the Mt. Shamrock quarry against the requirements of the relevant legislation, the planning permit, WA 174 and the Environmental Management Plan (EMP);
  • Review work plans and work plan variations;
  • Provision of advice on the means of minimizing impacts, expediting approvals and taking into account the views of the community; and
  • Facilitation of community understanding of quarrying and government regulation of the activity.

The Terms of Reference set out the full responsibilities and workings of the ERC.


Any concerns regarding the safe operation of the quarry, particularly those of an urgent nature, should be directed to the Quarry Manager Ph: 59 41 1422 or the relevant authority. The EPA can be contacted on (03) 9695 2722. The Department of Primary Industries can be contacted on 136 186. The Cardinia Shire Council can be contacted on 1300 787 624.

The community representatives on the Committee are also available as a means of communicating issues and opportunities to the ERC. The community representatives are:

Mr. Don Petty 0429 995 850
Ms. Joy Carberry 0439 427 298

Lisa Barrand, ERC Chairperson is also available on 0422 248 851.

Meeting Summaries

A meeting summary from each meeting of the ERC is prepared by the Chairperson. Once approved, these summaries are made available to the public. These are summaries of meetings held to date:

Meeting One December 07

Meeting Two April 08

Meeting Three July 08

Meeting Four October 08

Meeting Five February 09

Meeting Six June 09

Meeting Seven October 09

Meeting Eight February 10


Environmental Management Reports

Each month, Holcim is required to prepare a report of its environmental management activities and compliance with the approved Environmental Management Plan. A quarterly summary report is also prepared. Quarterly reports capture the key monitoring and compliance outcomes for the preceding three months.

Quarterly reports

April 2008 - July 2008

August 2008 - October 2008

October 2008 - January 2009

February 2009 - April 2009

May 2009 - July 2009

August 2009 - October 2009


Monthly reports

14/03/2008 - 14/04/2008 Part one / Part two

14/04/2008 - 14/05/2008

14/05/2008 - 14/06/2008

14/06/2008 - 14/07/2008

14/07/2008 - 14/10/2008

14/10/2008 - 14/11/2008

14/11/2008 - 14/12/2008

14/12/2008 - 14/01/2009

14/01/2009 - 14/02/2009

14/02/2009 - 14/03/2009

14/03/2009 - 14/04/2009

May 2009 (Note: Report Format has changed to calendar month)

June 2009

July 2009


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