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Our services fall into five main categories


Before starting any facilitated negotiation process, it is valuable to undertake an issues assessment. An assessment helps to determine the viability of any intervention and what the possible project outcome parameters might be. An issues assessment focuses on answering the following key questions:

  • Who are the key players?
  • Do these players want to negotiate?
  • What are the issues and are they negotiable?
  • Is it possible to bring all the deal makers and the deal breakers to the table?
  • What alternatives do the parties have (other than to participate)? In other words, could they obtain a better outcome elsewhere?

Properly assessing each of these questions enables the convener (the person or organisation initiating the process) to decide the best way to proceed. Sometimes, the answers to these questions will lead the convener to conclude that the time is not right for a collaborative effort and that an alternative approach might be more pragmatic for the situation and context they face. Contact us to find out more about how an issues assessment can help in your situation.

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Process design

Having determined that a stakeholder intervention is appropriate, Possibilties will help design engagement and decision-making processes to suit the purpose and context of the situation.

Obviously, different situations require different thinking and formats for decision making and facilitation.

An effective process design takes into consideration the context and constraints of the issues, and the relationship dynamics of the players.

The process design stage includes answering the following questions:

  • What are the desired outcomes/outputs from the process?
  • How will decisions/recommendations be made?
  • Who will have carriage for implementing decisions?
  • What might the rules of engagement be?

Depending upon the complexity of the issues and the breadth of the stakeholder field, creating a good process design may involve:

  • Stakeholder questionnaires
  • Interviews with key parties
  • Preparation of discussion paper for review by parties.

Contact us to find out more about how process design facilitated by Possibilities can help in your situation.

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When all is said and done and the parties are in the room, skilful facilitation plays a large part in determining the success or failure of any negotiation.

Possibilities Pty Ltd has built its reputation on its results-focused, neutral and engaging facilitation approach. With almost two decades of facilitation experience working with decision makers across Australian industry and government, we can draw on both tried and tested facilitation approaches for group decision making, as well as newer technologies such as:

  • The World Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Appreciative Inquiry

We also assist clients to plan and facilitate one-off meetings and multi-day conferences. Contact us to find our more about how our facilitation approaches can help in your situation.

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Our background in leadership development and management education working with the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education informs the way we lead and facilitate agreement-building projects. Our approach has a development focus. By this we mean that we aim to develop the negotiation capacity of our clients and their stakeholders to work well together, both on current projects and into the future.

We often recommend that clients consider the inclusion of development activities aimed at fostering effective relationships and building the ability of participants to talk and negotiate with each other.

We can tailor negotiation, communication and leadership development interventions to suit the needs of our clients, from half-day workshops to more significant multi-day programs featuring leading edge thinkers from our network.

Specific education products and services include:

  • Advanced facilitation skills workshops
  • 2-day negotiation skills workshops
  • 1-day business strategy simulations

Contact us now for more information on how we can add value to you.

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Project leadership

Clients sometimes need all key services (assessment, process design, education and facilitation) with our people acting as brokers for stakeholder engagement. Possibilities Pty Ltd offers a full project management service for these interventions including managing stakeholder communication, documentation management and venue / meeting arrangements.

Contact us to enquire about project leadership services that can benefit your organisation.

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