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"Excellent facilitators are a rare breed. They need to be great communicators who possess exceptional strategic thinking, have the ability to be impartial, draw out all the issues and facilitate problem solving. Lisa has all these attributes and more."

John Trevillyan
General Manager,
Workplace Performance
Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Development
Melbourne Business School

Facilitators can help create the conditions necessary for good agreements

In our consulting and academic experience, it is clear that three significant issues impact on the ability of groups to work together well in a mutual gains framework. They are:

  • Issue complexity
  • Relationship health
  • Process appropriateness and transparency

In some instances, in spite of the best intentions and efforts of the negotiation parties and the negotiation convener, any one of these three issues (or a combination thereof) can derail productive negotiations.

Sometimes, the only way to move discussions forward is with the assistance of a third party neutral facilitator.

Our integrated approach uses state of the art negotiation, education and facilitation approaches to assist the parties to overcome the negative impact these issues may have and is designed to improve the odds for a good agreement outcome.

Contact us to find out more about how our facilitated negotiation process can work in your situation.

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