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"Excellent facilitators are a rare breed. They need to be great communicators who possess exceptional strategic thinking, have the ability to be impartial, draw out all the issues and facilitate problem solving. Lisa has all these attributes and more."

John Trevillyan
General Manager,
Workplace Performance
Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Development
Melbourne Business School

Better decisions can be made by bringing the right people ‘into the tent’.

The days of solo decision making as a sustainable methodology are gone. No longer can an individual or a group decide a course of action independent from stakeholders, announce that decision and get away unscathed. Whether it is a state public policy issue or a local topical debate, people expect to be involved.

Our approach aims to mitigate decision risk for our clients by aiming for ‘better decisions’. ‘Better decisions’ are those that do their best to incorporate the true needs of all stakeholders in a way that all deal making and deal breaking parties can voluntarily sign up for.

Although not always possible, we believe it is worth pursuing the aspiration. Consider the alternatives...

  1. A decision is made that is ‘technically right’ but no one trusts because potential deal makers and deal breakers were not invited to the table. This leaves the decision maker deciding unilaterally or with limited consultation amongst selected stakeholders.

    Outcome: Gradual erosion of community support in spite of continued promotion and defence of the ‘correctness’ of the decision by the decision maker.
  2. A decision that everyone agrees is possibly ‘right’ but no one really wants to implement.

    Outcome: A decision on paper with no legs to make it happen.

Bringing the potential deal makers and deal breakers ‘into the tent’ and facilitating their conversations in an open, transparent and productive way gives the best decision a chance to emerge.

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